Body Milk For Babies

Another product for your baby that you can buy at the pharmacy is a good  body milk,  the baby’s skin is susceptible and delicate, it also absorbs any substance very quickly when they contact it, for that reason it is highly recommended to use a body milk Pharmacy that ensures a proper hydration without attacking the skin of your baby, keeping it healthy and hydrated.


In addition to all these products of daily use is very useful to buy a good thermometer to avoid scares, especially during the first years of your baby. Farmatopventas recommends using an ear and forehead thermometer such as the one that makes Hartman laboratories, it measures the temperature quickly and accurately without disturbing your baby, even when he is sleeping and without causing any discomfort.

Pack for babies

If you also want to have everything in a comfortable package, we propose you the option of the Baby basket from Sesderma, where you have all the products you need and the guarantee of a brand dedicated exclusively to the care of sensitive skins. It is also a good gift idea as it comes in a transparent box and ready to surprise.

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