How To Make The Jelqing Exercise Effective


It must be understood that for any sort of exercise to be effective, there must be a systematic approach to the activity with a constant feedback and appraisal of the method being used.  This would hold good for the typical Jelqing activity that a number of men take to, to increase the size of their male members.  There are two aspects to the male organ, the penis.  The first is the length and the other is the girth or width.

For the most effective results, it must follow that the individual understands the routine properly in the first place and to get to understand what is being attempted at, with the exercise.  People that have indeed found the routine workable would tend to take a studied stance that is aimed at achieving the best results in the least possible time.


The need for perseverance with an exercise

The most blessed of people are those that can produce results with the least bit of exercise and this would apply to any sort of physical exercise.  One of the key elements of physical exercise is the fact that each individual does tend to respond to stimuli in a different manner.  So when a person can produce results with just an hourly routine, another might need to take more time over the same routine.

In order to see appreciable results the first point to be followed is that the person needs to persevere with the activity.  In the majority of cases, the initial days are when the muscles would tend to ache and pain with hardly any growth to show for it.  Here it is important to focus for the long term and to commit to a minimum period before an evaluation of the activity is done.


The importance of technique in Jelqing

Take any physical conditioning activity or exercise and it would be evident that technique does play an important role in the way results are had with the procedure.  There are a number of expert sites on the World Wide Web that can guide each individual in the Jelqing exercise routines.  The more experienced of practitioners would stress the need to stick to a routine that produces a good result.  It need not necessarily mean that what another person has found successful needs to work with each person.

A flexible exercise routine is one that can be altered in some minor way to suit the needs of a particular individual.  This would be true of Jelqing exercises too.  It is possible to vary the routine to bring the necessary results to the person going through with the activity.



There would not be the readymade formula to the Jelqing activity and often the more experienced followers of the activity to get to introduce variations in the routines to make it more effective.  It must be said that the typical exercise routine is flexible enough to have this approach taken.

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