What Pharmacy Products Do I Need For My Baby?

If you are a new mother, you will be scared of everything a baby needs: crib, changing table, stroller, hammock, thousands of creams and potions, et cetera. But is it all necessary? Do you know what products from the pharmacy do you need for your baby?

From Farmatopventas, your online pharmacy in Spain, we will advise you on the products that you should not miss when you have your baby at home:

Baby diapers

During their first years of life, they will be part of your day to day life. It is essential that they have excellent absorption and perspiration, a good fit for your baby’s body and softness.

Creams for babies

Another essential product for your baby is a goodcream for your ‘bum.’ Using it every day after each diaper change will prevent rashes and the dreaded diaper rash. These creams act as a protective barrier isolating the skin from urine and feces while keeping the baby’s bottom healthy.

At Farmatopventas we recommend Cicalfate Avene Laboratories, cream with oatmeal water and soothing action.

Bath gel for babies

The bathroom is one of the best times of the day for your baby, during the bath you relax and enjoy, the skin of the newborn is very delicate and beautiful that is why it is essential to use a specific bath gelĀ  for babies, for sensitive skin, not aggressive, with a suitable pH that does not irritate your skin, without perfumes since these can cause allergies. Teixeirafrom Avenel is a formidable option and recommended by many pediatricians.

Cleaning wipes

You will never leave home without cleaning cloths to change your diaper; they are the most comfortable and easy way to clean your baby’s bottom. It is essential that they are soft, that they are well impregnated and that they do not carry perfumes or any irritating substances. The INTERAPOTHEK laboratory wet wipes fulfill all these characteristics.

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